When it’s time for that eighteen-year-old CEO to move over

The dotcom revolution gave us many things – ecommerce, Internet apps, cloud services, and a whole new culture of innovation and disruption. It also gave us a whole new class of twenty-something CEOs who have no experience. Youthful exuberance made things happen that the old guard would never have attempted. But this model has led to a unique problem – what happens when that startup matures, and growth plans call for a more seasoned leader to take the company to the next level? Do you stand aside and let some old bald guy in a suit take control of your…


Commerce Billing Solution Allows Companies to Expand Product Offerings and Value-Based Services

As the digital transformation revolution reaches maturity, companies have the opportunity to shift business models within their industry disruptively to create new sources of defensible competitive advantage. This can be through the creation of new digital services that radically change the customer experience, by building a multi-sided platform with ecosystem partners, addressing new segments of customers through new channels, or by a combination of these business model shifts. SAP hybris Billing is a critical piece in this transition as it provides an end-to-end solution for complete coverage of the offer-to-cash process for new digital business models that can be integrated…


Honeywell Division Implements Channel Data Management

Honeywell has selected Zyme’s cloud-based CDM solution to achieve greater visibility into its extended distribution channels around the world, and automate partner incentives validation. The first implementation of the Zyme platform will be rolled out to a Honeywell management facility in the USA. Data collected by Zyme from Honeywell’s global channel will be analyzed and consumed by multiple parts of the organization, including finance, sales operations, channel sales, channel marketing, and product marketing. Honeywell will be leveraging all of the components of the Zyme CDM solution, including the ChannelView Suite, TrueID, Zap Dashboards, and Zyme’s innovative integration with Salesforce.com. “Zyme maintains…


Op-Ed: Guardian Chronicles Bitcoin Gamble

The ‘internet weirdos’ of bitcoin are changing the way money works.  Read the Guardian article here. Notice that this guy seems uninterested in the fact that the Bitcoin protocol and its anonymity create a lawless zone in which criminals can safely roam. Consider, for example, the New York stock exchange. No one would buy or sell there without the assurance of a certain minimum level of honesty, verified and enforced by the government and the exchange. Even extreme free marketers accept these rules as necessary to bring into being the immense liquidity of that great market. Or the real estate market…

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