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Money: Before Bitcoins, There Were Yap Stones

Money is among humanity’s greatest inventions. While money may be a physical object, it is an idea, a great subtle and still changing idea. No one today knows the inventor or inventors. As the idea has changed over centuries it must have had many inventors. When my physicist colleagues study an idea or theory, chewing on it until it is digestible, they pronounce it simple. Indeed, it is remarkable that when complex, subtle, deep, and broad ideas enter our minds and we feel that we really grasp them, they often appear simple and beautiful. Physicists refer to Einstein’s Theory of…


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Severe thunderstorms caused more than $12 billion in insured damage across the United States last year, according to the Insurance Information Institute, and hail associated with these storms is often the source of claims for roof, auto and related hail damage. That was true in Nebraska, Texas, Illinois and other states where more than 5,500 hail events occurred. The good news for insurance professionals, and roofing and storm-related repair providers, is that tools to track hail events have just gotten better – and just in time for autumn’s “second season” of severe storms, which historically bring October and November storms…