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Money: Before Bitcoins, There Were Yap Stones

Money is among humanity’s greatest inventions. While money may be a physical object, it is an idea, a great subtle and still changing idea. No one today knows the inventor or inventors. As the idea has changed over centuries it must have had many inventors. When my physicist colleagues study an idea or theory, chewing on it until it is digestible, they pronounce it simple. Indeed, it is remarkable that when complex, subtle, deep, and broad ideas enter our minds and we feel that we really grasp them, they often appear simple and beautiful. Physicists refer to Einstein’s Theory of…


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Industry Leaders Convene on Channel Data Management Imperative

By Margaret Steen February 15, 2016 Channel Data Management (CDM) gives manufacturers and their channel partners new insights into every part of the sales cycle. But, to achieve clear analysis to fuel every channel decision requires innovation, technology, and a willingness to change. At a recent Industry Summit in Silicon Valley organized by Zyme, a pioneering developer of cloud-based CDM, participants from technology and consulting companies discussed both the promise of CDM — and what’s needed to implement it successfully. Channel sales — which account for trillions of dollars in sales each year — have traditionally lacked good data, said…