Motista Report Shows Financial Services Firms Using Emotional Connection to Improve Customer Experience and Generate Growth

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — February 06, 2017. Financial institutions have consistently improved the customer experience with new products and services geared toward an audience looking for more digital alternatives. But with the entire industry shifting towards a more customer-centric business model, differentiation has been a challenge. New insights from Motista, the leader in predictive intelligence for Emotional Connection, indicates that while a good customer experience no longer is a differentiator, those institutions which understand and act on the emotional connection consumers have with their financial institutions are more likely to experience predictable and sustainable growth. Motista’s findings are available in…


Alex Manders, TBM Practice Lead for the Americas at ISG

Technology Business Management makes IT a strategic partner

The fundamental battle between the CIO and CFO revolves around understanding the company’s IT spend, where the money goes and what it accomplishes. The CFO may look at IT as a cost center and as a prime candidate for the budgetary axe, while the CIO naturally wants to preserve his or her own territory. The TBM model and cost transparency Before the cloud, IT tended to operate as a “virtual priesthood,” with the CIO passing final judgment on who gets what IT services, and when. The result often involved lengthy rollout times for IT services, and deliverables that seldom took…


Spacesuits, Salads, School and Stories: Crowdfunding research from Tech Forward

These days, crowdfunding is a first-choice option for an entire range of projects and causes that include everything from the Smithsonian’s effort to protect American astronaut Neil Armstrong’s 1969 moonwalk spacesuit to the infamous potato salad caper of Ohio’s Zach “Danger” Brown – the project that netted more than $55,000 and now has morphed into a potato salad cookbook venture. In between there are more startups, nonprofits and product launches than ever, and there are plenty of headlines. The new crowdfunding site Fig launched with a focus on game development, British tennis star Andy Murray just announced his investments in…

david LANDAU

Cloud Logistics redefines logistics with TMS featuring rapid deployment and low learning curve

To delve into the issues and considerations of how transportation management software integrates with cloud and mobility, we spoke with David Landau, executive vice president at Cloud Logistics. His responsibilities include sales and marketing leadership and business development strategy. Prior to joining Cloud Logistics, David spent 19 years at Manhattan Associates including in leadership positions in product management, marketing, sales, and research and development. He is a frequent speaker at supply chain events and is regularly quoted on industry-specific topics. David holds a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and materials science from Duke University. The limitations and constraints companies have…


Tech Recruiter Says New York Startups Poised to Compete with Silicon Valley

New York startups, built largely on the city’s foundations in advertising, finance, media, and fashion, are the new smart bets for both investors and prospective employees, according to NIAH Recruiting founder Tatiana Becker. Becker specializes in recruiting top talent for New York’s most innovative startups, and has placed top talent in many emerging tech firms. Prior to launching NIAH, she held key recruiting positions that helped launch the growth of New York’s best startup success stories, including Etsy and AppNexus. “When I first moved here five years ago, it was hard to get someone to move to New York for tech….


Critical Infrastructure: Securing the Power Grid

Although it didn’t quite fit the FBI’s criteria for terrorism, a mysterious nighttime attack on an important Northern California substation two years ago was a wakeup call for the electric power industry. Someone using wire cutters and a rifle caused $15 million in damage and forced the substation out of service for nearly a month. Since this happened in the middle of the night when power demand was low, no homes or businesses were blacked out, but the chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission at the time characterized it as “the most significant incident” involving the power grid that…